17 March, 2013

I want spring

I want flowers and open toes and muscle tees and maxi skirts and I need to go to the gym. I started growing a tiny flower pot in my room and bought a pair of sandals at target impulsively. Getting over this last winter hump has been tough; a somewhat bi-polar disorder of the wardrobe. Here's an example:

It was so cold I forgot to take off my hair tye from my arm. Hair ties are now ~in~

I have never been a big fan of jewelry. I have always felt it more necessary to spend my money on clothes, they make a bigger statement.

Thrifted this moto vest from a goodwill a month ago. I think no one had bought it because the zipper was broken shut, but with a little maneuvering and using my car keys I was able to break it open. You can't even tell. So excited to throw it over everything I wear this summer.

Beanie, H&M (5.99) | Moto Vest, Thrifted (4.00) | Maxi skirt, F21 (14.99) | Tank, H&M (9.99) | Sunnies, H&M (I dont remember they're about 6-7 years old)

04 March, 2013



| Jacket, Staring at Stars (79.00) | Beaded top, Lux (29.00) | Both @ Urban Outfitters |

| Jeans, Cheap Monday @ Hautelook.com (on sale 30.00) | Boots, Dolce Vita @ Ebay.com (90.00) |

| Coat, H&M (on sale for 10.00) |

| On Top: Antique Rayban, Thrifted (100.00), Below: H&M (7.00) |

| Shirt, Laila and Savannah, @ Marshalls (on sale 5.00), Pleather Leggings, H&M (9.99) |

| Bag, Gryson for Target (19.90) |

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14 February, 2013

Beating Hearts, Baby

Valentines day is here! For those who don't have a valentine it's kind of a black parade of sorts, but for those taken broads like myself it's a day to dress your girliest, melt that cold heart of yours, make a cute card, make those around you puke, bake sweets, and eat as much candy as the broken-hearted sap's who hate you.


I've been dying to wear this forever 21 cream and black satin lapel/detailed blazer since I bought it in december. To be honest a lot of my clothes I never get around to wearing. The tights are ones I had to buy one day working at Express because I pulled a plain black pair I was wearing and I didn't want to spend a lot of money. I'm not a sparkly kind of girl but they've grown on me, a sheer sparkly finish.

DETAILS: Two H&M items: The necklace was apart of a "BOGO" jewelry event so essentially, it was free... The mini spaghetti strapped dress underneath is high-waisted and divided so that the top is velvet and the bottom is a black tulle fabric with a form fitting black slip underneath. 

 Even though you shouldn't NEED your wallet on valentines day, it's still cute to carry this Kate Spade treasure. This was a christmas present from my cousin and I think it was made for me.

My favorite suede heels

Not pictured but still noteworthy: This Betsey gift I recieved 4 years ago (from the same boyfriend I have now) I have a thing about not mixing gold and silver, it's sac-relig...

 Heels, Deena and Ozzy (49.90) | Plastic Rose, WALMART | Sunnies, Armani (69.00) | Blazer, Forever 21 (7.50) | Mini-dress, H&M (5.00) | Long chain necklace, H&M (free) | Tights, Express (4.00) | Wallet, Kate Spade (Present)

Here's wishing all the lovers and haters the happiest valentines day.
Oh, and I made mini cherry-topped cheesecakes:

 If I had a beer for every heart in this blogpost.....


08 February, 2013

Ice queen

Today's forecast in NY calls for a blizzard,

bright tights, chunky knits,

studded moto gloves, cut-off shorts, and acid wash sweatshirts. 

Beanie, H&M (5.99) | Knit Scarf, H&M (12.90) | Tights, Express (4.00) | Sweatshirt, Hiiinks (14.99) |  Cut off's, thrifted (3.00) | Watch Necklace, antique (4.00) | Booties, Express (59.90

This flavor flave-esque watch necklace is one of my favorite antique finds. I spotted it at a garage sale last summer and had to have it.

The chunky knit scarf is a staple for any girls winter wardrobe.

The cold has its ups and downs, and I know for me one of the downsides is dry skin. With the negative degree wind chills and dry air I have been using Lush 9 to 5 almost every day after I wash my face. I can almost consider it a miracle worker because I have skin that is more toward the oily side and this doesn't enhance that. Also! On the right is the teeny tiniest jar of vaseline, I mean, come on it's so cute and it keeps your lips from chapping! 

Stay warm and stay cute

07 February, 2013

greetings from suburbia

Hello, hello blogging world

Last week I fell in love with a wine colored moto vest

and more recently i've been obsessing over beanies. I feel bare if I leave the house in the morning without one on.

A closer look:

don't be boring

This glove was actually a halloween prop from an old catwoman costume. 

And of course my day wouldn't be able to begin without a trip to dunkin.

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 Moto Vest, Forever 21 (17.50) | Beanie, H&M (5.99) | Hi-Lo dress, H&M (10.00) | Printed tights, Betsey Johnson (9.99) |  Sunnies, Armani (69.00) | Lace-up booties, H&M (24.90) | Glove, Walmart (4 bucks maybe)