14 February, 2013

Beating Hearts, Baby

Valentines day is here! For those who don't have a valentine it's kind of a black parade of sorts, but for those taken broads like myself it's a day to dress your girliest, melt that cold heart of yours, make a cute card, make those around you puke, bake sweets, and eat as much candy as the broken-hearted sap's who hate you.


I've been dying to wear this forever 21 cream and black satin lapel/detailed blazer since I bought it in december. To be honest a lot of my clothes I never get around to wearing. The tights are ones I had to buy one day working at Express because I pulled a plain black pair I was wearing and I didn't want to spend a lot of money. I'm not a sparkly kind of girl but they've grown on me, a sheer sparkly finish.

DETAILS: Two H&M items: The necklace was apart of a "BOGO" jewelry event so essentially, it was free... The mini spaghetti strapped dress underneath is high-waisted and divided so that the top is velvet and the bottom is a black tulle fabric with a form fitting black slip underneath. 

 Even though you shouldn't NEED your wallet on valentines day, it's still cute to carry this Kate Spade treasure. This was a christmas present from my cousin and I think it was made for me.

My favorite suede heels

Not pictured but still noteworthy: This Betsey gift I recieved 4 years ago (from the same boyfriend I have now) I have a thing about not mixing gold and silver, it's sac-relig...

 Heels, Deena and Ozzy (49.90) | Plastic Rose, WALMART | Sunnies, Armani (69.00) | Blazer, Forever 21 (7.50) | Mini-dress, H&M (5.00) | Long chain necklace, H&M (free) | Tights, Express (4.00) | Wallet, Kate Spade (Present)

Here's wishing all the lovers and haters the happiest valentines day.
Oh, and I made mini cherry-topped cheesecakes:

 If I had a beer for every heart in this blogpost.....


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