07 February, 2013

greetings from suburbia

Hello, hello blogging world

Last week I fell in love with a wine colored moto vest

and more recently i've been obsessing over beanies. I feel bare if I leave the house in the morning without one on.

A closer look:

don't be boring

This glove was actually a halloween prop from an old catwoman costume. 

And of course my day wouldn't be able to begin without a trip to dunkin.

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 Moto Vest, Forever 21 (17.50) | Beanie, H&M (5.99) | Hi-Lo dress, H&M (10.00) | Printed tights, Betsey Johnson (9.99) |  Sunnies, Armani (69.00) | Lace-up booties, H&M (24.90) | Glove, Walmart (4 bucks maybe)

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